Saturday, 16 June 2012

Inspiring women

Blogging has become a real passion for me. Strange how something that I didn't even know existed 5 years ago is now such a big part of my life.

I've been lucky to have taken part in Holly Becker's Blogging Your Way course the last couple of years. We are now half way through part 2 of the course and it is still exciting me about the possibilities of the blogging world and the importance of getting your own voice heard. One of the main reasons it has inspired me is how women from around the world with a common interest can pull together and help each other, pretty cool right? With this in mind I'm going to be running a regular feature on women who inspire me. It could be their style, business, art or blogging. For more information on my inspiring women column click on the link above.

I thought I should start local as well as looking a little further afield. The Vintage and Craft market here in Sheffield this morning was full of women carving their own path. Stylish vintage collectors, artists and craftswomen, each with a unique talent and sense of style.

Here are a few of my favourites.

1. Imogen's Imagination, beautiful hats and fascinators
2. Leaf City Press, Jane Elliot's fresh modern print and illustration
3. Tommy and Zac, cute crafty accessories and toys
4. Heather Dewick, vintage and modern bookbinding
5. Butterscotch and Beesting, quirky and totally original printing and art
6. Sarah Sharpe, printmaker and artist
7. Nice Things by Helena, children's art
8. The Queen's Drawers, beautiful vintage accessories and clothes

As I mention on my website, style is about much more than the clothes hanging in our wardrobes. Do you have any local artists or crafts people who inspire you? It's always worth finding them out as they make our towns and cities much more interesting places to live.

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