Thursday, 21 June 2012


I have had a Virginia Woolf-style internal monologue running in my head the last few weeks when I decided to create my Notebook. A lot of my experience in fashion comes from what I have begun to refer to as my past life - sounds like some kind of psychic regression, but in a strange way it has grown to feel like someone else's life. So the debate in my head was how much I should refer to this life, and well I decided that as it has informed and really determined so much of who I am both in blogging and in the real world that I should really embrace it. So over the coming weeks and months I'll share some insights and experiences of working for magazines and in the industry, if there are any things in particular you'd be interested to read about drop me a note please!!

I always took pictures wherever I went, somehow grasping only too well that the experience would be fleeting, here are just a few from a really spectacular trip I took with The White Company. This is a great British catalogue that fit so well with my simple style ethos - really well made, simple, elegant clothes for everyday.

The trip was to Zanzibar with a team of about 12 people including production, photography assistants and models. The only way I can describe Zanzibar is that it was a magical place. I slept like I've never slept in my life, the deepest most restful sleep you can imagine [definitely not normal on a frantic shoot]. The mix of cultures and influences was so inspiring; beautiful white minimalist hotels were nearby richly designed African restaurants and cafes. And the beaches were the whitest sand and bluest oceans.

Here are some recent favourites from The White Company catalogue, I've picked up on the striped pieces but there is [obviously!] lots of simple white pieces too, classic shirts and feminine blouses and some great everyday trousers.

1. Swimsuit, £48
2. Maxi dress, £80
3. T-shirt, £35
4. Striped top, £30

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  1. Oh Zanzibar - It is a magical place! Your shots are dreamy and bring back some nice memories. Wishing I had some of these beautiful pieces whilst there to wear.


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