Sunday, 3 June 2012

Notes on Style

I'm so excited to be launching a new blog and business over the next few weeks. This is my passion and I can't wait to share it with new friends.

My style ethos is the same as my approach to life; simplicity and authenticity.

I believe that everyone can find their style if they are true to who they are and how they live. This also means being true to your budget [sorry ladies, not a fan of credit cards for fashion-buys!]. I'd much prefer trawling through charity shops and vintage fairs for a fabulous one-off gem, than blowing the bank on something you really can't afford. Of course if the money is in the bank and you fancy an indulgent spend then why not?!

I'll share favourite finds, inspiring people and simple style solutions for everyday. Pick and choose the bits you like and ignore the stuff you don't. It's all about having fun, not following the fads, but being true to yourself.

I'll start with a little style inspiration. Here we go!

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