Sunday, 3 June 2012

The Simple Blazer

Like every woman, my style has evolved over the years. This blog is meant to reflect this and hopefully reflect a more thoughtful approach to style and dressing as our lives change.

A tailored jacket is a staple that every woman should have, and it can be worn so many ways. For work it's such a simple piece that can be layered over blouses and dresses, but for a more modern take try styling over a relaxed jersey piece or a long maxi skirt. Modern dressing is in the detail and mixing different styles and influences so something sharp and tailored over something relaxed will update a piece that might otherwise be stiff.

Here are some of my favourite stylish ladies.

1. Emmanuelle Alt via
2. Garance Dore via
3. Charlotte Gainsbourg via Perfume Shrine.

Here are a couple of styles worth looking out for;

Black blazer from Mango, price £34.99

White blazer, Zara, price £59.99


  1. Loving this little notebook of yours. Those women are beautifully simple huh?!

  2. I love the design of your blog! It's very cute!! I'm visiting from BYW! Id love to see how you style a blazer!

  3. Hooray - congrats on the new blog. I really, really, really love this space - and cannot wait to see more from your fashion expertise!

  4. I like the white blazer, it fits together with so many other clothes!
    Eeli (BYW 2.0 fellow)

  5. Thanks so much for the lovely comments guys - you're keeping me motivated! A x


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