Sunday, 1 July 2012

Blogging from the heart.

I'm back from a wonderful, dream-like holiday to the British rain and homework from my blogging course, but unlike the UK weather I couldn't wait to get back in step with my BYW class. This is my second time on Holly's course, and just as with last year's it has been so much fun and so inspiring - thanks to all the marvellous girls I've met on-line who are also blogging with passion.

Which brings me to my final homework assignment of the course. I landed this morning so I sincerely hope this is on time [Holly!], and from the heart.

I wanted to tell you a little more about my reasons for blogging and what I've learnt from the course. My love of blogging has grown organically from my love of magazines. When I was just a few years old I would visit my Grandma Betty who had a mountainous stack of magazines always by her side, I was totally enthralled by the glamour in the pages that seemed a million miles from my small town in the North of England, I promised myself that I would one day live that life, and do you know what, somehow I actually did...I'm still not sure how, or by what miraculous twist of fate, but with hard work and masses of persistence I became a fashion editor travelling the world. Grandma Betty never got to see where I ended up, but I know she would have been thrilled!

Along the journey I fell in love, and my heart took me on a new path, it was the most difficult decision I ever made to leave the life I'd worked so hard to create, but I knew if I didn't take the leap I would always wonder what if...

The gap that grew between my new life and my old one seemed cavernous - too wide to bridge sometimes, and there were days when I felt like I was falling into the hole, losing who I was, but through blogging I found a new voice, a creative outlet not just for the fashion that I loved so much, but for all the other things that made me who I was, my love for photography, design, interiors, and also writing. 

BYW helped on this journey by reassuring me that this was a journey worth taking, that other women had travelled it and were travelling alongside me and there was support and advice if I was looking for it. Of course there have been practical lessons that have helped enormously with the technical aspects of photography and design, but I think the lessons from Holly, all the brilliant teachers and my fellow pupils that will stick with me the longest is that I've found something, along with my son Noah, that gives my heart expression, and I hope other people might enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy writing it.

One of my most favourite moments came from a fellow student, Ursula of Room to Bloom design and blog who left me the most up-lifting comment, I hope she doesn't mind if I quote it here:

Thank you Ursula, this is why I'm blogging about style for women like me, and thank you Holly for another brilliant course. x


  1. Amy... I am so touched that my comment lit up your day and honoured that you've included it in your final BYW assigment. It's wonderful to feel connected through blogging - keep up the good work! x

  2. What a lovely post and gorgeous site Amy.Already been here a few times. I can completely relate to where you're coming from, one of the reasons I took up blogging also. I'll be following:) P.S. I adore this photo of you and Noah!
    Mel BYW

  3. Hi...

    I loved reading this post and really identify with your reasons for blogging. I'm thrilled to have discovered so many great blogs (including yours) via BYW 2.0 as it's hugely inspiring.



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