Friday, 6 July 2012

Magazine freebies

This week I'm guest posting for the first time over on my friend Sophie's blog, The Marin Scoop. The hope is that my 'fashion postcards' will become a regular feature from over the pond so I hope you can pop over and say hi.

Over the last few years magazines here in the UK have been competing with each other on the basis of their cover mounts. When I worked on both Cosmo and Red magazines the free gift that was mounted to the cover of the magazine was increasingly important in the circulation battle between the top titles. It seemed to be the more elaborate and expensive the offering the greater the circulation. Books, cosmetics, toiletries, sunglasses and bags were some of the most common gifts, but recently in Spain the battle seems to have moved to a massive new scale, with the magazines doubling in size with an added cardboard mount on the back on which was stuck the respective free gift including shoes, monogrammed bags and the one I eventually plumped for - a free watch!

Now don't get me wrong I'm under no illusions that I'll be lucky if my watch lasts till the end of the summer, but for a few euros I totally bought into the free gift with Woman - Madame Figaro - thank you very much! The neon yellow watch worked well with my tan and pink neon striped Banana Republic top - happy days.

Do magazines carry similar free gifts where you are? What is the most convincing gift you've discovered so far? And do you buy your magazine based on the quality of the content or on the gift on the cover?

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  1. I once got a handbag that looked great in the pic, but not so in person. Haha. But I didn't mind since the magazine is what I was really looking forward to!

    But, but, but, I totally wouldn't mind getting a neon watch. uh, hello!

    I am pinning your styling photo to my neon board. Stat!


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