Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Menorca: Secret Addresses

Phew, it got a little heavy here for a moment didn't it?! Back to lovely things, positivity, and most importantly the future. I'm going to keep driving forwards, 'cos if I keep dwelling too much in the past, well it's just not going to be so much fun is it?

So back from holiday with renewed energy about my blog and life in general, so I wanted to share with you some little gems that I discovered whilst away. 

One of my favourite things when I'm anywhere new is having a wander with my camera and my notepad. I love looking at the colours, the light and of course discovering little shops tucked away down narrow streets. In Ciutadella in Menorca there were several boutiques that I stumbled upon down the soft sandy coloured streets. 

Here were 3 of my favourites:

1. The Room
2. Ana Luna

There was a relaxed, boho feel that was common in most of the stores. Pretty vintage-style skirts, embroidered tops [my favourite were some Etoile by Isabel Marant gypsy style tops and jackets in The Room], and some delicate printed silk tops and dresses by Hoss. A neon pink fine glass bead bracelet with tassle also caught my eye, but at 45 euros was too much for my holiday pennies! I figure I might try and whip something similar up at home! 

These relaxed, almost hippy-ish pieces really matched my mood on holiday. I'm not sure what it is about the sea air and sunshine but I always imagine myself to be a closet hippy surfer on holiday, with sun-kissed skin and sun-bleached, salty dread-locked hair. Maybe because it's the diametric opposite image to living in a land-locked town in the North of England : D x

Some cute new labels that I wasn't familiar with were French label Des Petit Hauts, Virginie Castaway, Hartford, Dutch label Maison Scotch, Spanish label Malahierba and Nice Things.

Have you got any secret addresses or new labels you've discovered recently?

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  1. The above Isabel Marant is stunning! I love everything about it - the color, the pattern...

    I've discovered a super cute boutique in Surabaya Indonesia during my last visit who carries tons of Indonesian designers' collections I've never heard before - and I JUST LOVE! In fact, thanks for reminding me that I took a bunch of pictures of the place, because it is super eclectic on its own.

    I love discovering these new labels that are not as mainstream - but have real good design, attention to detail, and (the right price of course).

    I'll be checking out the brands you mentioned above~


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