Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Surfer girl style

What is it about the sun and the sea that just seems to wash our cares away? I'm remembering our holiday a little like Wordsworth reminisced on a 'host of golden daffodils', I remember the cool blues of the ocean and the sky from our holiday when I'm feeling low.

This image from Pink Wallpaper blog also reminded me of that time [a great blog too - definitely worth wiling away some time with a cup of tea over!]: 

After my holiday last week I blogged about surf girl style. How serendipitous that this beautiful surf image was in the copy of Vogue I took with me, so I thought I'd share some more beautiful surf-style pictures.

Image by Boo George for US Vogue via: http://alexapeng.de/?attachment_id=7476

You can't get simpler than this kind of style I think - function over fashion, it is more about attitude than style. I think there will be a return to the more hippy - relaxed look that we haven't seen so much of lately. 

Simple meets surfer, definitely my kind of style. 

This also reminded me of one of my favourite shoots from US Vogue by Mario Testino with Carolyn Murphy - need to dig out my old copy as I could only find a few images on the net.

Images Mario Testino for US Vogue

These beautiful, washed out pastel hues were reminiscent of beach-side holidays. These images are taken for Valdirose blog by Sarah at Shabby Chic Interiors - what talented ladies are in the blogosphere!

And what better way to capture that holiday feeling than a surf board in your front room? Do you think it would look out of place in my semi in Sheffield? I'd absolutely love one!!

So just in case the surf board is a little out there, here are some simple style pieces to get you in the mood. 

1. Bright scarf, £52 [sale], Toast
2. Striped sweater, £49, Jigsaw
3. Swimsuit, £42, French Connection 
4. Maxi skirt, £59 [sale] , Toast
5. Earrings, £23, Red Direct
6. Cotton tote, £29.95, Not on the High Street

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  1. Growing up around here that style is close to my heart ..I have to fight to get the surfboards out of the house..be careful what you wish for..lol nicolex


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