Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Wedding shoe dilemma

We are going to a family wedding at the weekend. 

The British are notoriously bad at dressing for weddings [Royal family not included] and I'm no exception. The weather is often to blame for my many sartorial faux-pas including strappy heels sinking into sodden church ground, and recently an original 60s shift when matched with the bouffant hair and heavy eyeliner made me look like I was going to an Austin Powers theme party rather than a wedding.

Yet again I'm stumbling at the final hurdle. The outfit is ready but the shoes have stayed stubbornly elusive, until today when my fashion radar is once again on the blink. I always advise not buying things under pressure, so what did I do today? Of course with just a few days to go I had to get some new shoes for the wedding, and I'm just not sure if they're right. 

Are they too Palm Beach pool-side for Norfolk? Does the style go with the dress and jacket? 

Let me know your thoughts...

1 comment :

  1. Did you finally wear the shoes to the wedding? Because I think they are gorgeous match to the dress.

    I love that you add the white blazer for structure and a sense of formality yet the color still keeping it light!



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