Friday, 5 October 2012

Friday Fabulous Find: River Island bouclé jacket

I have a wardrobe over-flowing with jackets; tweed, denim, leather, patterned, appliqué - you name it, it makes an appearance somewhere in my wardrobe. But there is a logic to my hoarding, you can keep the pieces underneath very simple, basic even, and the jacket on-top will always make the style statement. 

One of my favourite designers, Isabel Marant is the queen of beautifully tailored bouclé jackets that have that distinctive Parisien-flair, but at around £800 it is the stuff of fashion-fantasy for me. Zara has great tailoring that can pass for designer- price tags, but I discovered this limited edition piece from River Island for just £30 that will pass style-muster worn with simple black cigarette pants, silk tank and sharp stiletto pumps. 

I love the styling with the slim, shorter sleeves and ribbon edging detail. I'd be tempted to attach some beading along that ribbon - I'm all for customising high-street favourites to give them a more individual, designer feel. 

How would you wear it?

Bouclé jacket, £30, River Island

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  1. I agree totally with you can't have too many jackets! I remember asking a girl I admired when I was in my early twenties for wardrobe advice and she told me exactly what you say - get lots of jackets and team them up with simple T's, I'll always remember it.This one for River Island is gorgeous and a steal! M x


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