Thursday, 4 October 2012

Pugly Pixel Tutorials

You may have noticed some subtle changes on the blog lately - after my redesign following the summer I set about improving the look and flow of the blog which is a labour of love for me. I channel all my creativity through the blog, Twitter and as a few of you may also do via Pinterest. After working in a  creative field for such a long time, the hardest transition to full-time motherhood for me has been finding a channel for all my style and design ideas [aside from our house - which was becoming a very expensive hobby!!].

Through this journey I've discovered lots of other bloggers who have inspired me with their own creativity, none more so than Katrina at Pugly Pixel. Katrina was one of the tutors on the recent BYW course I took over the summer, she has a degree in Computer Science so understands all the technical stuff that I'm still at the early stages of learning, but she was a fashion blogger for a while before channeling her technical know-how into helping other creative bloggers who are clueless about the tech-side of things. I'm in the process of taking her on-line blogging course [more details here], and applying some of the things I'm learning to my blog.

Her course is aimed at those bloggers on the Blogger platform, but her approach is very grounded and easy to follow [perfect for me!].

So apologies if I'm a little absent with my posts, the hope is that in the long-term the time I'm spending now on the look of the blog will make for a much better experience on the blog in the future.

Katrina of Pugly Pixel


  1. The course looks fantastic! I wonder if it would work for wordpress? will check it out. Love your new look btw! Mel x

  2. Your blog looks fab Amy! I plan to do Katrina's course myself once I get some down time. So pleased she decided to do an e-course. Great work :-) x


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