Thursday, 22 November 2012

Simple Style: Winter Whites

So white and cream in the winter may not be the most practical of colours, especially with an energetic 4 year old in the house, but it always looks cosy and stylish [I always think of Carolyn Bessette Kennedy in Calvin Klein]. I noticed a few of my recent Pins were winter whites so thought I'd share them here.

Source: Goop

One of my favourite evening pieces is a cream crepe jacket - it is really fitted across the shoulders [for that - read too tight!], but looks really expensive because it hangs so well. White is a colour that really shows quality I think, so avoid cheap fabrics and cuts [nothing worse than a VPL in a pair of white trousers : D].

Here are some great winter white pieces to mix in your wardrobe.

1. Colour block jumper: Reiss
2. White jeans: Mango
3. Cashmere scarf: The White Company


  1. You've named or shown three of my style icons here, Carolyn Bessette Kennedy, Kate and Gwyneth. I love white also (minus the sticky fingers). M x

  2. Gorgeous picks.. I love them all

  3. Thanks Ladies - such a great look, just wish I could keep it white for a bit longer ; D x


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