Friday, 16 November 2012

Simple Tip: Dylon

Back to stylish thrifting and this is a really handy tip and I promise it's not a sponsored post. I'm a big fan of Dylon - bear with me this may be the point where you tune out but I promise it will save you money.

Dylon are those at-home dyes you can use either in the washing machine or in a bucket to change the colour of your clothes and other fabrics. I've used them for years to make things look like new, here's just a few ways I've used it in our home.

  • Change the colour of clothes you're bored with - makes an item look completely different which works well if you love the cut or style of something but just want a simple update.
  • Bring colours back to new - works especially well with denim [blues] and black.
  • Change items from girls to boys colours - have used this one on bed-linen as they were great quality just in the wrong colour for Noah.
  • Get rid of stains or marks on linens rather than throwing something away - this is a good tip for table cloths.
It has extended the life of so many of my clothes that have started to look tired, worn and generally ready for the recycling bin so is worth remembering before you get rid of things.

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