Friday, 28 December 2012

New Year Post

How was your christmas? I hope you had a lovely break with family and friends, and your tummy isn't too full from too many chocolates and christmas pudding, although isn't that the idea of Christmas?!

I'm taking a break from family festivities while I wait in for a plumber to fix a leak in our hallway - not the best present to return home to after a few days away for the holidays, but a small damp patch in the hall is minor compared to some people in the South of England who have suffered awful flooding over the last few weeks in this, the wettest year we've had on record. 

So I thought I'd take the time reflect on the year just gone and the one ahead, what does it mean for the Notebook and for me personally? Simple Style will certainly be continuing in 2013 - I'd love your input if you think there's anything I'm not covering or something you'd like to see more of please let me know. My days are spent entertaining a 4 year old so sometimes I need a little extra inspiration ; D x The blog has been part of a constant journey for me which started over at Karma and Cupcakes 4 years ago and continues through the readers and blogging friends who get in touch every week, hopefully this year I'll have time to be in contact with you all more as Noah will be starting school in September, a big step in our small family. 

I'm also starting a new chapter this year which will take me on a thrilling new path as I'm studying and training to become a yoga teacher, something that has always been a goal since I began practicing 15 years ago as a 21 year old starting out in London.

I read a quote today on Pinterest that struck a real chord at this particularly significant time of year and resonates with me.

Isn't that great? Of course I hope that whatever you're doing you're very content and happy, but if you're not, well what's stopping you? Of course this can apply to your wardrobe as much to your life, with the new year and new beginnings in mind take a moment to look through your clothes and check that they reflect who you are right at this moment and not the person you were 10 years ago. Make sure your clothes grow and change with you and your life, and I hope that 2013 is full of startling discoveries and wonderful surprises.

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  1. It's funny Amy, I just saw your pin on yoga yesterday:))) That's great, I love pilates but finding the time with my three kids... Look forward to more SSN next year:) Mel x


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