Thursday, 10 January 2013

Bobbi Brown - Pretty Powerful

Happy new year. I hope you're starting the new year feeling refreshed and re-energized? I've taken a little personal challenge for the new year with Rachel Brathen's Yoga Challenge to practice yoga everyday and with my teacher training I'm feeling ready for the year ahead whatever may unfold.

I wanted to share a little style inspiration from someone I really admire, makeup artist and entrepreneur Bobbi Brown.
Her book Pretty Powerful is about making the very best of your features, colouring and style with makeup, but also has a really inspiring message behind it which is just right for the new year; to be your best, most authentic self. This holds true for my approach to fashion and style, and the thinking behind this little blog; it is a reminder for me of my focus and why I'm trying to write every week about what I love, helping women to become their 'best, most authentic selves'.

In terms of your wardrobe and your style it is making the most of your figure, your lifestyle and your budget, because the clothes you wear everyday give you the extra confidence to be the best version of yourself. Hopefully over the next few months I'll be reminded of this message when I'm thinking of blog-posts and updates and it will keep me grounded in the reality of every woman rather than the aspirational ideals that we can sometimes be inclined towards when talking about fashion and style. And as my readers you have permission to keep me in check too. This blog is about you, and your most authentic self - don't let me forget.

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  1. Thanks Amy. Yes Bobbi Brown is an inspiring woman. It's so true that regardless of our budget or dress size, we have the option to dress well and in a flattering way. Thanks for the reminder. Hope 2013 shines for you, love popping in to your blog. Mel x


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