Thursday, 10 January 2013

Simple Style Statement - Joy sweater

On the theme of being yourself I thought it might be fun to start the new year with a bold style statement that is pretty uncompromising, and why not.

We saw lots of the picture and message sweaters last year beginning with the Burberry owl. Of course they soon filtered down to the high street and were worn by lots of [ahem] younger girls with skinny jeans and top knots, but I thought this is one trend that I think we can carry off too.

Cat sweater, £45, Joy Store

A bold sweater can show you have a sense of humour, but as with my whole style ethos it is about striking a balance. So don't go for crazy sweater and pair it with crazy jeggings and baseball boots or your friends will think you really have lost the plot and need a few days in the Priory, but if you wear it with something perhaps tailored, grown-up, elegant, but youthful you'll strike the right balance between style statement and effortless everyday elegance. Ok enough alliteration! 

How would I wear it? Probably with a really smart pair of flared jeans, nothing slouchy or faded, heels that gave me just enough lift, and a beautifully tailored jacket something with a modern twist that hinted I'm not a woman to be messed with, despite the cute cat on my jumper?! Expensive looking accessories are key when you're playing with sartorial humour, they'll give you the gravitas to carry the quirky.

How would you wear it?

1 comment :

  1. that is a freaking awesome sweater!!! love!! I'd wear it with jeans and ballet flats - and my glasses, even though they're for driving mostly, I think it would compliment the quirk :) I like your idea of adding a jacket as well.


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