Sunday, 17 February 2013

Rodeo Show Australia

The sun finally came out in the UK this weekend. What a relief after a couple of months of snow and grey drizzle! How is the weather where you are? I hope the sun is shining for you too. 

It put me in mind for the new season and new collections in the shops. Spring collections have been sitting dolefully on the rails for a few weeks now as we've been scrabbling for the remaining wooly hats and ski thermals in the sales, but now the sky is turning a promising shade of blue it might be time to start shaving our legs and slapping on the fake tan for the coming warmer weather - hooray!

One collection that has caught my eye recently is Ted Baker. Their dresses are just the right combination of modern styling with vintage touches - their fabrics are always good quality, and the price reflects this. Not the cheapest on the high street, these are investment pieces you'll wear for years. Here are 3 of my favourite Ted Baker dresses.

1. Ted Baker, £149
2. Ted Baker, £149
3. Ted Baker, £179

Looking to the other side of the world I've recently discovered Rodeo Show. Pretty, modern, and wearable the collection has the kind of pieces that would sit well in any woman's wardrobe and the styling is beautifully accessible - shame we can't get it over here in the UK. 

In the meantime I'll be following their blog here.

Do you have any favourite new collections or labels you've just discovered?

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