Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Antique lace

Hello everyone. I'm back after a short break whilst I've been focusing on my yoga training course and very weirdly being back at work.

For those mums who've recently returned to work after a break you'll understand what an adjustment it has been for the whole family. Fortunately it has been for just a couple of days a week to ease us all back into the feeling of Mum having an identity outside the house. I won't go into the reasons here but needless to say as with most modern families finance was a huge factor - times are tough for everyone and I hope wherever you are and whatever you're up to you're not worrying about money.

 It is still very wintery here in the UK but when the sun does make it through the grey cloud there is the promise of the lighter days and warm sunshine to come. I'm eternally optimistic that eventually spring will arrive and I can't wait. My window-ledges have tulips and my favourite ranunculi on them and Noah has started making easter baskets ready for the egg hunt at the weekend. What are your plans for Easter?

It all put me in mind of what I'd love to be wearing in the sunshine. Open toe shoes, bare arms and knee length skirts [with no tights]. I pinned this picture a while ago and I keep coming back to is as my inspiration, so pretty, feminine, but still modern. I've always loved antique lace since we lived in Belgium and I'd trawl the antique markets full of old lace hankies and petticoats. I love the mixture of lace, the tan and the fine gold jewellery.

Next have a really pretty lace dress in store at the moment. It has that perfect vintage feel with the bodice underneath and nipped in waist. I'd probably wear it with accessories in a contrasting colour to make it feel up-to-date. It's such a versatile piece I can imagine it being sexed up for daytime with  maybe a denim or leather jacket, or it would easily work for a wedding or special occasion with a tailored jacket and beautiful heels.

How would you wear it?

This dress, along with some brilliantly bright accessories and jacket are also going to be auctioned on the 14th of April at a special charity event I've been invited to speak at. I'm so excited to have been asked to talk about being a fashion editor and some spring trends for Safe at Last a local charity working with vulnerable children and young people, so if you're in the area and you fancy coming along there are still tickets available.

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