Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Jumpsuits...would you dare?

I was fascinated as always by the outfits at this year's Oscars, not least because the chances of me wearing a full-length frock anytime soon are slim. There are always those iconic dresses, the swishy types that are reminiscent of Grace Kelly and old-school glamour. Then there are always the glitzy types, all tinsel-y sparkle and crinkly shimmer. So I loved the beautiful, modern and entirely original jumpsuit that Marisa Tomei wore for the Vanity Fair party.

Nude with crystals it looked so fresh, different and managed to be grown up and sexy. But would I dare to wear something like this? Actually I think I would! As long as the fit is right and there are no chafing issues [!] I think this is a thoroughly modern way to dress that has the simplicity of a dress and the practical comfort of a great fitting pair of trousers. It helps if you have the figure for it, particularly those Hollywood-style toned arms, but I think Ms Tomei looks beautifully grown up and elegant.

There are lots of jumpsuits on the high street, but I've picked three of my favourites that have just the right amount of easy elegance.

The Next jumpsuit with a fab striped jacket and bright heels will be auctioned at the Safe at Last event in April, email me if you want more information on the event.

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