Saturday, 13 April 2013

Gwyneth and Goop

Ever since a friend mentioned it a while ago now [thanks Rachel], I've periodically popped onto Goop, Gwyneth Paltrow's website / blog. The design and features always appealed to my simple style aesthetic. 

Gwyneth in Goop.

I even reread an old issue of US Vogue from 2010 as my obsession with Gwyneth peaked - how does she manage it? Career, kids, writing cook books, looking so slim and glowy in that LA-dewy-skin-no-make-up way. 

Aaaargh, there was something irritating and yet fascinating about her, she seemed too good to be true, but perhaps what I've admired most about her over the years is her honesty. She is upfront about what it takes to look like she does [bloody hard work], and now she's appeared in Harpers Bazaar in the US talking about how she has used botox in the past and laser skin treatments to keep her skin looking fresh. 

I think it has to be good that she is being honest about the realities of life as a celeb, but also it leaves us here on the ground feeling a little bereft. Somehow I was kidding myself perhaps that a healthy diet and exercise were the key to looking good, not so. A healthy bank-balance is rather the key; to be able to afford nutritionists, personal trainers, and dermatologists to keep body and skin looking permanently 10 years younger. I, for one, will stop trying to aspire to the unachievable and with feet firmly on the ground, will accept that looking my age is no bad thing but rather as it should be.


  1. Ha too true Amy. I am feeling a bit the same lately. I had also been thinking to check out her blog as she has been featured a bit over here in Oz lately..I think she has a new cook book out.
    Oh well at least she is honest and we know that we can't achieve that without a bit of help..I guess it kind of makes me feel a bit better..kind of.
    Also waking through the night with toddlers etc doesnt help me get that fresh faced

  2. Thanks for keeping it real Amy, I am proud of the fact that I am 37 yrs old and am 'natural'. I much prefer to have character and expression on my face then the other options out there. I've experienced a lot of life to have these little imperfections. Thank you for this wonderful post!
    Heather xx

  3. Thanks for the great comments Nicole and Heather. Yes, turning 37 this year my skin has taken on the same texture as my mother's when I was younger. Don't know why I still look to celebs - you think I"d have learnt by now : D x

  4. A good talking point, Amy. I think we just have to keep reminding ourselves that actors and models rely on their faces and figures for work, therefore by having plastic surgery or botox they are investing in their product. I'm very glad I'm not in that sort of industry ... Meanwhile, there are many, many stylish, beautiful and interesting women who haven't had things done to them - French, Spanish and Italian women don't buy in to the plastic surgery culture in the same way and manage to look incredible. Too many examples to list, but Charlotte Gainsbourg springs to mind - and her mum Jane Birkin looks fabulous in a relaxed, elegant way too.

  5. Well said Carolyn I totally agree, I think there is a wonderful grace and elegance to growing old naturally - Audrey Hepburn was the perfect example xx

  6. I'm the same Amy, I always look to Gwyneth to what I aspire to, the clothes, body, achievements... Always good to have a role model but one that is sooo out there and with loads of help and money to get there can make it all seem so impossible. Baby steps in that direction and accepting that yes, growing old naturally and gracefully like Audrey can actually be more beautiful. M x

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