Thursday, 18 April 2013

The blog post that never was...

This is a blog post about a blog post that I never wrote - there are no pictures because I could never take them. Since last autumn I was waiting for the right moment to write a feature on a local boutique. The windows always had bright, gem coloured dresses styled with pretty jewellery like icing on a perfect cake. I would drive and walk past the shop every week and think, I must contact them and ask about that blog-post. Of course the point of my story is that the shop closed before I had a chance to contact the owner. The stock was all sold off in a jumble sale of scarves and designer frocks. Sad.

My dichotomy is that I love these shops, they make our high-streets look inviting, colourful and somewhere we aspire to spend time. But my reality is that I don't shop in beautiful, expensive, aspirational boutiques. Their stock is like some tantalising VIP, hidden beyond a velvet rope and a burly bodyguard that is my bank account. Instead I cruise designer outlets and second hand stores looking for facsimiles of those designer looks at a fraction of the price. Am I culpable for their demise? Possibly. My life does not include those places as part of its geography. I sometimes wish it did, a bit like Gwyneth Paltrow! But then I know there is more satisfaction to be found in finding a wonderful bargain and knowing our hard-earned money can go further - a sunny holiday, a swing for the garden, a tree to plant to offer shade in the summer. These are the things that memories are made from and not a beautiful designer dress that will hang like a piece of forgotten art in my wardrobe to be saved for a special occasion.

I never save any of my clothes for best...every day should be best.


  1. Oh I'm with you. I do wish that I could have a wardrobe like Gwyneth, but then I'd need an army of helpers to look after the kids while I shop for them and then keep them immaculately pressed in the wardrobe - walk in that is... The reality for me is a few stores that I know I can do a quick dash into and almost certain to find something practical yet in fashion... And then theres the online - I find myself shopping like this more and more... Keep going for the swing in the garden Amy, I'm sure you'll still look incredibly stylish all the same. M x

  2. Thanks Mel ; D x yes, priorities do seem to change don't they?! I have the same approach to my wardrobe as you do to your beautiful home, would much rather find those brilliant, covetable bargains like those fabulous file drawers in your bedroom!! And you can enjoy them all the more because you're not worrying about tea stains and knocks x


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