Sunday, 28 July 2013

Simple Inspiration: Modern Hippie

It's sale time again - whoop! Is it me or do the shops always seem to be on sale - trying to get us to part with our cash? I love to have a good rifle through the end of season rails, as I don't worry too much about fashion nowadays I just find pretty things I love that will work with what's in my wardrobe. One of the best things to look out for are great dresses for special occasions, after all it's easy to spend up to £200 on a really great cocktail dress, but in the sale often these pieces are heavily reduced to clear ready for next season's frocks.

I wanted to carry on the theme from last week of that soft, modern hippie style. It appeals to the magpie in me, you can mix those bright retro prints, gold jewellery and messy hair [lazy - me?!], but I think the trick as we get a little older is to make sure the details are luxurious, so fabrics should to be silks and cottons rather than poly-mix, the jewellery needs to be gold and precious stones rather than plastic. It's the same in the home, this is where my vintage finds fit perfectly, bright colours mixed with soft cushions and feminine prints. It all looks effortless and relaxed.

There was an interesting discussion on one of my favourite blogs Decor8 recently about whether your style in clothing reflects your interior style, and to me it's just a natural fit if you're going with what you love, the two are going to fit together don't you think?

And if you can find some great things in the sales, even better, a few of my favourite finds at the bottom are in the sale at the moment!

Image via: Purse Blog

Image via: Pinterest

Image via: Encore Life! 

Image via: Design Shimmer

Image via: Apartment Therapy

1. Denim biker, Top Shop
3. Maxi dress, Mango
4. Bracelet, Made Women's at Red Direct
6. Skirt, Hobbs

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  1. I usually prefer simple but I love these looks both fashion and interior. I think of myself to love minimal but when i look around at my home it far more eclectic than i intend it to be in my head!


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