Thursday, 18 July 2013

Simple Tip: When in Paris

I have a traveller's aversion to being a tourist in a foreign city. I don't like standing out and the expectation [particularly with being an English tourist abroad!] that comes with it, so I loiter in shops with my guide book and map, probably looking even more conspicuous and sit in street side cafés reading a magazine and trying to look like I belong. This usually results in getting horribly lost like I did last week, but I think sometimes you make the best discoveries when you're lost.

A little help however, is always welcome, ideally a knowledgable friend. I discovered My Little Paris months ago and enjoyed receiving their emails about places to discover in Paris even though I had no intention of visiting. It is just like having a friend to hand who knows the city's backstreets and hidden secrets that only a local would know - even down to the password to get into the Chloé sample store. So if you're planning a visit and want to know where the locals eat, drink and shop it's definitely worth popping to the website.

And here is some simple inspiration for travelling like you live there. What do you always carry when you travel? I always keep a notebook and camera to hand, Noah and I even make a holiday journal with receipts, tickets, pictures and pennies stuck to pages.

1. Moleskin, Paperchase
2. Bag, La Redoute
3. Canon Camera, John Lewis


  1. Oh I'm dreaming to go back... can you believe I've only been there once even though I've lived in france and travelled back so many times... Great guide Amy, I'll definitely bookmark that! M x

  2. That sounds exactly like me Amy! I think I spend so much time trying to look like a local, that I probably miss too many things!! All these new personal on-line guides are just so fantastic. Would love to go back to Paris one day-will use this guide if I do-thank you!! :-)


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