Monday, 22 July 2013

Simple Inspiration: Isabel Marant

Heading towards my 40th birthday I'm feeling my style soften, along with the skin around my middle. I thought it would be different, maybe more tailoring or smart trousers rather than jeans and cargos, but I'm more inclined towards relaxed, even hippy details today than I was just a few years ago which is why Isabel Marant's style is so perfect. 

It is just the right combination of grown-up fabrics and detailing with youthful cuts. Inspired pieces have embroidered details, ethnic patterns and prints, slim trousers with zip details and sharp tailoring with expensive additions like silk embroidery and lining. I think Zara TRF and Monsoon have some great bits that are along the right track, and I've given you a few more ideas below. I also like layering necklaces like she has here in her SS13 collection, and I'm addicted to buying little fabric and gold bracelets that I wear everyday, cheap little additions that are more accessible than the thousands you can pay for a Marant jacket!! 

How has your style changed over the years? 

Isabel Marant SS13 collection via

Image from Paris Vogue via: Keep it Chic

Image via: Telegraph

1. Top, Warehouse
2. Shorts, Jigsaw
3. Jumpsuit, Mango
4. Dress, Sea NY at MyWardrobe


  1. I love the two top middle outfits Amy and also what she is wearing herself- just lovely! :-)

  2. hi amy, so glad to see you back to more regular blogging. I am turning 40 next month and i am actually feeling a lot more confident and comfortable with my choices. I too am preferring to buy less but better and have recently given myself permission to get a bit more outrageous with gorgeous jewellery ( see Aussie designer Samantha wills)..i often admired other people but never felt quite right myself. I guess i'm figuring if I can't wear what i want now and be happy and comfortable at 40 when will I??
    I have worked in interiors and always felt comfortable about mixing colours, styles etc but felt a bit awkward with fashion.... so i've decided to use that same idea to fashion and have confidence in it and I am feeling great.

    I also think i am able to really know more what i actually wear and what I want to purchase so i don't just buy something cause its on sale or something that just sits in my cupboard. Its funny at 30 I should i dress now I am getting older...i just laugh at that now.

  3. Morning Nicole and Caroline - thanks for sticking with me! Isn't it funny how we worry about getting older but actually we get happier and more confident. I loved Holly's piece recently about how our tastes in interiors and fashion often marry well and I think that's so true. We trust more in our hearts and what we're naturally drawn to so that works for everything, and I agree Nicole that we make more considered choices rather than those 'impulse' purchases of our youth : ) x


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