Monday, 15 July 2013

Simply Inspiring: Vintage denim...

It started with a picture of an elbow... I asked my other half to take a couple of snaps on holiday for my blog and as I was going through them on my laptop I was struck by that damn elbow. The deep folds of  skin stared back at me, like the wrinkled face of an Andalucian farmer surveying his goats. It sounds vain and self-conscious I know, but it was the first time I was struck by the feeling of 'old'. 

It didn't help that the weekend before I'd been enjoying reading a piece by beauty journalist Sarah Vine in the Times Saturday Magazine. It was brilliantly informative, extolling the virtues of unctuous beauty products for slightly older skin, and it wasn't until I was half way down the page that I had to reread the headline and realised she was talking to me - damn. She referred to a specific age in a woman's life when the image staring back from the mirror is not the one you're familiar with, but someone noticeably...older, around the age of 37...yikes! It WAS me [I will be 37 in September]! She went on to say that this is the time to get a little more serious about your beauty regime, we need more help so to speak. 

So it all got me thinking about our style at this age... if the face does not have that youthful glow what do we do with our clothes? I know I've written before about European style and why I love it, and I had the same thoughts again in France on my recent holiday. We sat in a café with a glass of rosé and a wholesome salmon and mango salad [amazing café in Angers worth a mention: Les Dos de la Cuillère]. A woman walked in of a certain age, let's put a ball-park of mid-40s. She wore a pair of slim-fit, simple jeans, with a matt silk blouse in pale peach with contrasting neon pink fine detailing. Her watch was the double strap Hermès style, and her bag was a Vuitton. Ok, maybe a little ostentatious, but the point was; all together the whole look was elegant, understated and very...French...damn...[OK I need to stop with the 'damn' now!]. She still looked youthful, but there was a grown-up confidence that was so attractive and inspiring. Maybe it was the expensive detail? Perhaps the soft natural fabrics? Or maybe the tanned and toned figure? The relaxed jeans certainly helped and gave her that insouciant look that said she'd just thrown it all on.

So I thought I'd share some ideas on jeans that keep us...ahem...looking young. The 'vintage' jean look is around again and it is one I actually like, you on the other hand may hate it with a passion as it reminds you too much of Bon Jovi and your misspent youth, but I'm not one to judge so go with me. The trick is the rest of the outfit has to have those grown-up elegant touches, just like the lady in Angers, a stylish pair of heels, a fitted blouse that says 'expensive', a cashmere jumper in a beautiful grey marl, or perhaps a perfectly tailored jacket. If the jeans are a bit worn, but the jewels look expensive that's just the right combo. I like the shorter and slightly fitted style too, because I think we're trying to avoid anything too Rihanna or 'Mum's gardener' if you get my drift.

Would you wear them?

Image via: Pinterest

Image via: Pinterest

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