Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Holiday style

We're still on our mini-staycation at the English seaside. We have been so lucky to have had good weather and made the most of getting on the beach every day. Yesterday we even surfed on the North Bay here in Scarborough - well out of my comfort zone. The prospect of donning a wetsuit and jumping into the cold waters of the North Sea was pretty daunting, we've always watched the groups of surfers bobbing on the water and wondered how crazy you have to be, but I LOVED it. Isn't it funny, you do something that scares you and you just might enjoy it : ) x

But today the rain has moved in and it's time to head home.

Speaking of holidays are you like me and seem to adopt a different wardrobe when you head away? I have floaty kaftans, shorts, bright skirts, vest tops and dresses that only seem to make an appearance when we start packing for a holiday somewhere warm. For some reason the English climate never seems condusive to some of those pieces. I thought I'd share a little of what I pack. I prefer to keep it simple, keeping white as the main colour to tie most things together, that way I can mix and match easily [although it is harder to keep things clean I'll accept!]. Having a few things that work together makes life easier and surely that's what holidays are all about! I like to keep stripes and prints which mix well with the denim and white, and those leather sandals are my staple footwear. I picked them up for a few pounds in Primark and wish I'd bought them in lots of colours, they're comfortable and go with everything.

Do you have a few favourites you take on holiday?


  1. funny you should ask this as we are just packing to escape the Aussie winter (which I must confess hasn't been too cold) to Bali for some sunny days and balmy nights. I try to pack light..swimmers, beach kaftans, light weight dresses. I seem to mainly go with black and white and one colour and mix in a bit of jewellery.
    Luckily the shopping is quite good so maybe I can pick up a few things there.
    Hope you enjoyed your holiday in scarborough !!

  2. Bali sounds amazing Nicole! And I'm sure there is lots of great shopping : ) x have a wonderful time. The black and white sounds like a great way to pack and perfect for mixing with those wonderful jewels and bright colours of Bali xx


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