Thursday, 29 August 2013

Madewell AW13

I had some girlfriends over the other evening for a curry and a movie. Most of us are mums now and despite being in our living room it felt like an evening out catching up with friends and sharing stories about the kids and our summer holidays. Time seems to move so quickly nowadays. Often weeks can go by and we've not seen each other for so long so sitting quietly through a film was hard. We watched This is 40 with Paul Rudd and Leslie Mann. It's a good one for a night with the girls, lots of funny insights into married life with kids - some that made us cringe but we laughed a lot too.

Leslie Mann was well-styled in the movie and caught that perfect mix of grown up without growing old kind of style I love. A new collection that captures that look so well is the new campaign for Madewell with the model Caroline de Maigret. I already follow Caroline on Instagram [a little stalker-ish I know], but she epitomises that French style I'm always writing about, grown up, relaxed, effortless and they've taken the essence of her look for the campaign.

What do you think?

All images via Madewell

And here are some pieces inspired by this great new collection.

1. Jeggings, French Connection
2. Grey T-shirt, Top Shop
3. Denim shirt, All Saints
5. Snake cuff, Accessorize


  1. Funny, I just pinned that first photo the other day because I thought she was so cool - i didn't even know who she was. Effortlessly chic! Sounds like a great night with the girlfriends, always the best medicine. xx

  2. It's doing the rounds on Pinterest at the moment but I thought the images were so great! The clothes are a little pricy but the look is really achievable I think. And yes, the evening was really good fun, hope you're settled into the new place now Mel x


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