Monday, 2 September 2013

Are you a hoarder?

Are you like me and hoard things you love? I have stacks of magazines I can't bear to get rid of, boxes of shoes, racks of jackets [yes I buy lots of jackets...go figure!], beautiful old books and glassware. Phew, there's a wonder we have space to live with all that cluttering the house. It's made more difficult that my husband is the opposite and delights in throwing things away - we are regular ebayers as a compromise which can be hugely satisfying to make money from the clutter. 

The idea of the Simple Style Notebook was always to advocate buying less, but buying better. It can be incredibly frustrating trying to get ready in a morning particularly with kids or a busy work schedule, and not being able to see what you have in your wardrobe because the rails are too crammed. Taking time to go through your things can clear both your house and your head making it much easier to see everything you have.

With this in mind here are a few storage solutions that make life simpler. I keep hangers all the same - either wooden or the slimmer felted kind [I get these from TK Maxx] which are good for keeping dresses and silky tops from slipping off. Storage boxes for shoes and magazines can keep them from getting tired and worn looking. And I find a really nice notebook for writing down my lists and jobs is invaluable.

Do you have any tips for organising your clothes and belongings?
1. Notebook, Paperchase
2. Storage boxes, Lakeland
3. Magazine storage rack, John Lewis
4. Wooden hangers, Ikea

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