Wednesday, 25 September 2013


Morning, I hope you're having a great week whatever you've been up to?

We're anticipating 2 birthdays this week, mine and Noah's. Noah will be turning 5 on Saturday - big day. Sure there will be enough sugar in the house to keep us all buzzing for the next year, and plastic toys to fill a small football stadium. Yikes, it's a difficult balance with an only child, but we're trying hard not to get too carried away.

I'm approaching a significant birthday in a couple of years and I dropped a little bomb shell the other day as to what I might like for the big day. My other half went a bit pale and quiet when I mentioned the words, Chanel handbag...Is there something you've always coveted? I'm not normally one for extravagant designer statements, but this is something that has always been on my radar as a dream buy. In my rational - occasionally zen moments - the ridiculousness of it creeps in, but there is something so desirable, timeless, elegant about it.

I watched this short film and it reminded me why Chanel is so unique.

Of course most of us will probably never get close to a piece of authentic Chanel, so fortunately her style has so informed and inspired much of today's fashion, you can easily get the look for much less. It's simplicity is what has made it last all these years. The striped bretton tops I wear almost every day came from her copying the style of the young sailors she saw, the men's white shirt another of her ideas stolen from the wardrobes of men, tweed, tailoring, pearls, all things we take for granted today.

And will I get my Chanel handbag? A girl's got to dream, right? ; D x

1. Tweed coat, Warehouse
2. Tweed shoe, LK Bennett
3. Pearl bracelet, ASOS
4. Quilted bag, Russell and Bromley

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