Friday, 20 September 2013

Design Classics: The White Shirt

Morning, nearly the weekend and the sun is shining here again - thank goodness ♥. I'm a sun-person, you know, I feel brighter, my skin looks clearer, I have a little skip in my step in a morning. In the darkest depths of winter time I'm practically crawling out of bed, I need a winch to get me down the stairs. 

So I'm still clinging to the warmer days of September and catching the sun in my eyes while I still can! I've already started moving some of my summer t-shirts and vest tops into the storage bags that gather dust under our bed through the winter. I always feel a bit sad folding the brightly coloured clothes of summer into small balls along with packets of moth protector, and then washing the chunky winter jumpers that have slept like over-stuffed rainbow bears through the summer. 

One item that happily straddles all the seasons is my white shirt. It's not a regular feature in my wardrobe but periodically I'll iron it's crisp lines and slip it on, and somehow it always makes me feel grown-up, stylish, ready for whatever the world throws at me. Mine is a fitted Gap one, bought years ago from a sale rail I think, but I love the way it hugs just so under my boobs and skims over my little muffin top showing just the right amount of shape and curve without clinging unflatteringly where I don't want it to. White cotton looks best against a tan I always think with fine gold jewellery - the rest well that's entirely up to you. I love shirts mixed with denim of any kind and tailoring - there needs to be an edge to avoid being mistaken for the waitress when you're out for dinner, which is where the jewellery and accessories come in.

How would you wear it?

Image via: Mario Testino for US Vogue

Image via: Mario Testino for US Vogue

Image via: Emerson Fry

Image via: Asia and Europe

Image via: Pinterest

1. Classic shirt, Boden
2. Pleat neck shirt, The White Company
3. Tunic style shirt, Thomas Pink

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