Monday, 9 September 2013

Etsy Edit

An interesting and somewhat emotional day here. Noah started school this morning. He was excited. I was...emotional. But I managed to hold it together and focus on the positives, but still change is always hard. So this blog post is a little late - apologies. The hope is with my new found time, my posts will be frequent and timely. 

I've taken inspiration this week from my blogging mentor Holly at Decor8 who has a great series every week Etsy Take 5 Tuesday where she showcases her favourite from the online world that is Etsy in homewares, arts and crafts. If you haven't discovered Etsy yet here is another site that is likely to suck your already limited free time and mental space. I can only apologise!

It's an online global market place for all things vintage or handmade, but with the added bonus of social media interaction so you can compile your favourites and create your own edit. Just like any craft or vintage market you have to trawl through a lot of stones to find the gems...So here is my first edit from Etsy. In the past I've bought artwork and jewellery from traders all over the world, but so far haven't ventured into clothing, hopefully this series should change my mind and hopefully yours too.

1. Bib top by Isabel Amyo
3. Pink suede bag, Moose Design Bag
4. Ballet flats, The White Ribbon


  1. I love when bloggers feature Etsy artist. I come upon people all the time that have never heard of the site and its great when blogs showcase indie sellers- my favorite from above is the floral top!

  2. Thanks Tami, you have a beautiful store on Etsy too - would be great to feature you in another round-up, thanks for stopping by! x


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