Monday, 23 September 2013

Style Advice: Skinny Jeans

Monday again, how was your weekend? I spent a very indulgent day on Saturday on my yoga mat in a workshop about cultivating a positive mind. It was pretty intense, lots of meditation and soul searching  which we don't often get to do in our fast paced lives! How often are we able to just sit and feel, without the distraction of technology? It's something I'm really having to think about in my process of becoming a yoga teacher, and something I'm having lots of conversations about at the moment with other bloggers. I feel very torn as so much of my professional and creative life is on-line, so I'm still reconciling working on-line with having a fulfilling and creative life. Any thoughts?

In the meantime I'm trying my best to balance my real world and life, with my on-line existence which was nice the other day when a friend asked for a little informal style advice and I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to kick off my new column. You might have noticed a little button to the right of the page → which says 'Style Advice'. It's really simple to use [OK, I know there's a theme here!]. Click on the button and it will take you to a page with a form on - fill the form out with your question and I'll do my best to answer it on the blog. Easy right!

So my friend Mel's question was about her skinny jeans. Like me she loves wearing them in the summer and they become a bit of a uniform which I'm all for. Anything that makes our lives easier is a tick in my book, so like Mel I tend to spend a lot of the summer months mooching about in my skinnies with ballet flats, pumps or if it gets over 18 degrees here [rare!] occasionally sandals. This is me in my favourite Russell and Bromley pumps and grey skinnies last week. 

And a few ways to wear those slim jeans from those that know - showing summer style with heels and flats.

Image via: Design Darling

Image via: Instyle

In the evening I'll treat myself to a pair of heels I can just about walk in [gone are the days of staggering unflatteringly into bars on too-high-heels!]. But Mel's question concerned when the weather gets colder and it's just not the right weather for the whole bare-ankle scenario. What to do, is there any alternative to heavy long boots? I have exactly this issue as I have bad circulation so need to wrap up really warm in the winter. Often I put warm woolly tights on underneath my skinny jeans for an extra layer particularly around my lower back that can really feel the cold [crikey I'm feeling old right now!]. If you're a bold dresser you can try a brogue or more substantial flat shoe or pump with a chunky, colourful sock. With the brogues in particular I would go with a full-on men's style shoe not the more dainty styles with a thin sole I've seen more recently, this is not a time to be going for half measures. Another friend wears Doc Martin boots with wide leg jeans and looks amazing, so don't be afraid to go classic. Moda in Pelle do a great classic brogue and it's in the sale at the moment. If this is veering a little too left field for you stick with a shoe boot or ankle boot and make sure you have a good warm pair of socks or tights on. 

It has to be said with skinny jeans a heel will always help, no matter how low, as Gwyneth is wearing here [not she needs the help ; D x], but I know that for most of us running round everyday that's just not practical so here are a few suggestions of shoes to try.

Image via: US Magazine

Image via: Riches to Rags

1. Brogues, Moda in Pelle
2. Suede ankle boots, Dune
3. Leather pumps, Kurt Geiger
4. Leather ankle boots, French Connection

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