Monday, 30 September 2013

Style Advice: Statement Trousers

Morning All, another week has flown by and it's felt pretty hectic with birthday celebrations and family visits here. Noah is now a very grown up 5, and overwhelmed by all his new toys. I have a lovely stack of new books to pore over  in a those rare quiet moments, I'll share some of them over the next few weeks.

A little more style advice this morning, this time for a busy friend who is in the process of starting an exciting new business and so is in one of those interesting transitional phases we often find ourselves in once we have kids. Her old corporate wardrobe no longer works for her new day to day routine so she's having to revisit her wardrobe and a few of those impulse buys she indulged in while she had a full time job.

Liz is now running yoga inspired classes for young children [Tatty Bumpkin] and emailed me about some Reiss trousers she bought a couple of years ago:

"I have two pairs of high waisted flares (not in the true 1970's sense, but fairly flared for me!), both are cords and high waisted. One is a lovely red wine colour and one is light brown. They are from REISS, 1971 range. Anyway, these have been stuffed at the bottom of my wardrobe for about two years (I'm not joking!), my question is, what should I wear with them? Any suggestions?"

How many of us have similar pieces that are hidden away at the bottom of our cupboards because we don't know what to wear them with?! I know exactly where Liz is coming from with statement trousers. I have a few pairs and my natural style is to go with an unusual top and pair it with a neutral trouser or skirt; such as a pair of jeans or cropped trousers in navy or black, so it feels a bit counter-intuitive to go the opposite way, but I would suggest going one of three ways.

1. Match them with a neutral top. Neutral can mean lots of different things, such as a white, cream, black, or even perhaps khaki or camel blouse, but it can also mean a stripe jersey top as in this picture, a navy or black chunky roll neck, or a relaxed leather jacket.

The trick is if you're naturally a classic, simple dresser to make the trousers the focus and keep the top simple. I like blouses and shirts tucked into high waisted trousers, it feels modern again, but this is where you should go with what you're comfortable with. Here are a few examples.

Image via: Pinterest

Image via: Vanity Fair

Image via: Vanity Fair

2. Alternatively you could go with something more tonal as in the picture below, so if the trousers are a wine colour go with a colour that is a variation on the same shade, this can look really rich and modern when matched with up to date accessories.

Image via: Pinterest

3. Finally if you're a much bolder dresser you could go with something very contrasty on the top, so a colour that clashes, a striking print or pattern as in the pictures below, or perhaps a jacket that has an interesting detail or colour. This is where your personality should dictate what you feel most comfortable in.

Image via: Vanity Fair

Here are a few ideas to kick you off, but go with your budget and style.

1. Silk top, Reiss
2. Cashmere sweater, Whistles
3. Striped jumper, Jigsaw
4. Silk blouse, Whistles
5. Check blouse, River Island
6. Alpaca jumper, By Malene Birger at My Wardrobe

Don't forget if you would like any advice on an outfit for an upcoming event or occasion simply click on the 'Advice' button and fill in your details - it's easy!

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