Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Mail Order: Wrap, Hush and Baukjen

Well it's a grey and miserable day here in the UK. We're into autumn now and it feels decidedly cooler - time to dig out winter jumpers, boots and coats and start layering up.

How do you shop when the seasons change? Do you spend a frustrating afternoon trawling the high street and getting hot and bothered trying on clothes in over-cramped changing rooms next to young girls half your age - yikes! That's no fun is it. There are so many companies that now deliver direct that it doesn't seem worth the hassle - of course I'm partial to a lazy afternoon of shopping when there is no rush and no place to be and there's a glass of wine involved, but really who has the time?

Here are a few suggestions of labels I've only recently discovered that might be worth trying if the thought of dragging the kids around your local mall leaves you feeling desperate. These labels are all about quality and detail so the prices might be a little higher than the usual high street names but the styles are such that they won't date, and are perfect for those essential pieces that should make up the backbone of any wardrobe.

Baukjen is great for office or work pieces and has well tailored evening dresses, so if you need something for an interview or a smart occasion - this could be the place to try.

Hush has fantastic knitwear and loungewear, perfect for relaxed weekends. I love their cashmere and cords.

Wrap has brilliant knitwear and jersey and I love their boots and accessories. Everything has a soft, bohemian edge, really pretty and modern.

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