Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Simple Inspiration: Gold Necklaces

Mid week already and I've got a little style inspiration in mind today. I'm not usually one for lots of jewellery [truth be told I rarely wear my engagement ring], but maybe I'm getting a bit sentimental in my old age. I've started wearing more small pieces of jewellery that have meaning, particularly gold which I've avoided in the past thinking it looks too brassy on blondes. I've come round to delicate pieces and in particular the layered look of fine gold worn together. 

Image via: Kei Jewellery

Bracelets stacked up on wrists, rings worn on different fingers, and necklaces layered with pretty symbols and gems. Inspired by this look one of my style icons Laura Bailey has launched a range of lockets called Loquet. They are really pretty and the kind of gift that would be treasured, but they are really pricey. I would look for similar styles at jumble sales and car boots to get a similar vintage inspired look. 

Alternatively Etsy is also a great place to buy gold for a fraction of the price. I've discovered Kei Jewellery from Puerto Rico who ship all over the world and have individually designed and produced charms that work beautifully layered with different length chains. Also Adoravel based in California has pretty pieces at amazing prices!

Image via: Kei Jewellery

Image via: Adoravel Jewellery

Do you have favourite jewellery? How do you wear it?

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