Thursday, 31 October 2013

Simple Living: Being Mum

Morning All. Friday already and time to take a minute out of style talk I think. After all, our clothes are just one small part of who we are right? A bit like the icing on the top of the cake, it makes it all look pretty, but sometimes it's much more interesting to taste what's going on underneath in the filling. As Frances discovered on the Bake Off if you were addicted to it like me, style with no substance makes for a pretty unsatisfying cake, and as with life.

This is such a great picture don't you think? Taken from the website Design Mom and it's of Rae Friis's home. She runs the lifestyle website ARMommy and has totally inspired me to take more pictures. I've signed up for the next BYW installment with Holly and am really looking forward to moving my photography forward for the website. At the moment I struggle to take quite enough original images and want to address this so you can get more of a flavour of my style and home. Of course this will also take a bit more confidence about showing them all, for instance I look at this gorgeous image below and don't feel anything I take matches up to it. Isn't it silly that often the only thing standing in our way, is ourselves. So all being well over the next few weeks and months you should start to see more original pictures here. I'd love to hear your thoughts on them.

Image via: Design Mom
The reason I picked out this image was because it really reflects how I feel about being a Mum and juggling work. Wouldn't it be brilliant if it was that simple?! Working away on your computer with your child close by to entertain and enjoy, but of course the reality is somewhere nearer to my friend's analogy of sweeping leaves in a hurricane, just trying to juggle the small day to day stuff with a child can feel overwhelming sometimes. 

I've run the gamut of emotions with regards working. When I first discovered I was pregnant I continued to go to appointments with potential new clients, portfolio in hand, my standard response was that I would be back to work soon. Born in the 70s and raised in the 80s it wasn't in my emotional make-up to give up everything I'd strived so hard to achieve, after all women could have it all right?

Then something changed. When Noah arrived, taking time away from him was a huge wrench. Initially, consumed by 24 hour breast-feeding those brief moments when I would leave the room to shower or actually eat something would be followed by the strangest almost haunting instances of hearing him incessantly crying in the other room. I'd rush back in a panic only to discover he was fine, there were no tears and I was in fact hearing his cries in my head. Nothing prepares you for that right? So 6 months in I realised returning to work was not going to be as straight forward as I'd convinced myself. Work was in London, 200 miles down the motorway, or overseas on catalogue trips for a week or more, how was that going to work?

We were in a very fortunate position that I didn't have to make that decision immediately, so for 4 years I took the time to be with Noah. I still needed something creative to spark that part of my brain that had been lit up for so long, so I took evening classes and online courses, eventually venturing a little further to do the odd day of freelance work a little closer to home. And now I'm back working on a more regular basis, whilst also blogging and training to teach yoga in the hours Noah is now at school. I never take for granted how lucky I was to have the choice, but feel that I was entirely unprepared for how much my expectations and ideas changed with the arrival of our only child.

Are you a working Mum? How have you managed the change in your life and career? I'd love to hear your thoughts, it's something I talk about often with my friends.

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