Friday, 11 October 2013

Simple Living: Finding Balance

Hello Everyone. I thought I'd blog today from a more personal place. I love style, design and all things beautiful, but sometimes we need something that not only feeds our eyes, but also deeper down. Stay with me!

I've blogged before about why I blog, and blogging from the heart [here], but I wanted to talk a little today about balance and finding it in our hectic complicated lives - is it even possible?

Simple Style Notebook came out of a need to simplify my life. My wardrobes were cluttered just like my mind. Clothes I'd not worn in years and new items that somehow didn't fit with the old spilled out of drawers and cupboards. Those things that were supposed to enhance and lift me, were dragging me down. Simple Style was born. Keeping your style true to you and pared down can leave you space for all the other things in your life; family, work, partner, friends. 

But what of all those different things. How can we keep them all in balance when each one makes so many demands on us? And can we find time for ourselves in that space?

This week I've been working back in the studio with a brilliant team. The days are long but we keep each other going by enjoying the time and having a laugh when we can [we also eat a lot!]. It has meant leaving Noah with his Dad in the morning to take him to school and each day he's asked me not to go. Difficult - you can imagine. I've enjoyed the time working in a team and the pleasure of adult conversation, you appreciate all the more once you have a young child. It has also made me fully appreciate my time with Noah. The mornings we can have breakfast together are fun again, we walk to school holding hands, savouring the time and the simple conversation. 

Yoga has also helped me to find the balance in my days. Learning to be more present in all those moments and taking time. Where before everything was done in a rush, with a sense of working to some imagined deadline. I was only putting pressure on myself and causing myself unnecessary stress and anxiety. 

I don't think I'm there yet with the balance. I'm still not very good at saying no, and I still manage to have an ever increasing 'to do' list than I'm constantly adding to, but I'm getting better. I'm trying harder to listen to that inner voice that tells me when things are getting out of balance, and making choices that put myself and my family first. It's hard to do especially when you're used to pleasing everybody. Also learning that I can make time in the day for a little exercise and yoga has been vital. It keeps my mind clear and my body up to the job of keeping up with a 5 year old who has boundless energy. Some days I can't find that time, and I've learnt that that is OK too. Being kind to ourselves is also about allowing things to go, there is always tomorrow.

How do you strive for balance in your life? Do you feel you've achieved it? More style ideas next week - in the meantime have a great weekend. x

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  1. Oh Amy I hear you! This would have to be the thing I struggle so much with along with focusing on the job instead of doing so many at once... I think we're in the same head space right now Amy. Great post. Mel x


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