Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Style Advice: Skirts

Morning All. Today on the blog a little advice for a busy mum to two beautiful girls just starting a new job. My friend Angela emailed the other week asking for some ideas on what to wear with her skirts.

Any ideas on what shoes to wear with skirts, both long and short skirts, apart from long boots, as short ankle boots don't always look right and I can't do the school-run in heels. Plus what's in this autumn winter? Angela

It's a good question as we're heading into mid-autumn here and it's really easy to slip into the uniform of jeans everyday [I know because I do just that]. Skirts definitely require a bit more thought and effort, not always what you want to be doing when you're also trying to get two girls ready for the day at the same time!

For the school run and busy days I think thick, woollen tights are the best insurance in the English climate. No worries about ladders and in practical terms, because really when do we not need to be practical, we need to be warm too. So with this in mind for shoes I would go with a grown-up loafer, brogue or even Chelsea boot. Something with a solid, thick sole - past September ballet pumps are about as useful as wearing paper flip flops - you invariably end of with soggy feet and freezing toes.

I understand where Angela is coming from with the ankle boots, and this is where your own style and taste will come into play. Some people like this look with the thick tights and a shorter boot, even worn with a thick sock ruched at the ankle for extra warmth and comfort, but if you don't feel it's really 'you' go with a more traditional flat shoe or even a shoe-boot which should sit below the ankle bone.

I'm also partial to a classic Mary Jane, this is such an elegant shoe, great for work or dinner perhaps, not so practical for dashing around with the kids.

Mary Jane from Russell and Bromley

Here are some style ideas, bear in mind I would go with the thick tight for colder weather, but hopefully you get the idea.

Image via: The Sartorialist

Image via: ASOS

Image via: Stockholm Street Style

Image via: Caroline's Mode

Image via: Pinterest

Image via: Pinterest

Here are a few ideas of more shoes that might work for autumn.

1. Brown boot, Clarks
2. Brown brogue, ASOS
3. Loafers, ASOS
4. Loafers, Dune
5. Suede boots, Clarks
6. Point toe flats, M&S
7. Ankle boots, Debenhams

Do you prefer trousers to skirts? How do you wear your skirts? Angela, thanks for the question and hope that's useful.

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