Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Style Advice: Winter Coats

Tuesday and a day late with posting - apologies. A wonderful weekend with old friends meant no time before work on Monday to get ahead - isn't life like that sometimes! Laura and I have been friends since school and even though our lives have taken us to different parts of the country over the years we still try and catch up a couple of times a year. Now with families, we can share new experiences and insights about kids and keeping calm when you feel like everything is piling on top of you!

So a little style advice today for those of us heading into winter time from another old friend - Liz [of course I mean old in the sense of having known Liz for a long time - she's not 90!].

Liz is a busy Mum to a lively 4 year old and enjoys being outdoors a lot so is looking for practical solutions as well as stylish.

'I need advice on winter coats. I would like to buy  a coat this winter which will hopefully last several years (therefore nothing too 'in'). A lot of jackets sit mid hip which do nothing for me, so I would prefer a below the hip length. What sort of styles would you recommend? I wear jeans about 99% of the time, so nothing too formal, but equally I want to at least pretend I'm a yummy mummy... Also, what colour  with blue jeans? Brown? Black? More daring? Thanks! Liz x'

I think I may have found Liz's ideal coat. With expensive items like coats [much like beds and shoes] you should buy the best you can afford. This is where investing in quality pays off, so if like me, pennies are at a premium at the moment it's definitely worth taking a trip to the outlet shops. One of my favourites over here is TK Maxx. I found my new winter coat that I think would be perfect for Liz at my local TK Maxx, it is a Feraud [Italian designer] and instead of the ticket price of £240 it was £90 and ticks all of Liz's boxes.

It's a classic double breasted pea coat style, real wool, so will last for years if taken care of properly, and most importantly to the knee so will keep her bum warm on those long wintery walks. The only down side is it's not water proof. I love navy with denim as it feels smart without being too safe like brown or black.

I'm still of the mind set that £200 plus for a coat is an awful lot of money but bear in mind this style won't date. But being such a classic shape it's the kind of thing you might get lucky and find a men's second hand one in a vintage shop, perhaps worth a hunt if you have the patience and the inclination. If you can't afford the time to trawl the vintage markets or outlets, here are few high street alternatives that might work for you.

1. Long coat, Toast
2. Classic pea coat, Jigsaw
3. Funnel neck coat, Marks and Spencer
4. Zip detail, Mary and House of Fraser

How do you keep warm in the winter? Do you have one coat that has lasted you for years?

Don't forget if you would like any advice on an outfit for an upcoming event or occasion simply click on the 'Advice' button and fill in your details - it's easy!

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