Monday, 18 November 2013

Coach AW13 Campaign

The start of another busy week. What are your plans? Are you working? Staying home looking after a little one? I'd love to hear your story - what my readers get up to day to day. I happened upon these short videos for Coach - there is a series with different models, artists, creative types looking effortless and glam, but I was really drawn to this particular one by film director Gia Coppola - that name rings a bell right? ; D. I love her style, those neutral tones, flat shoes, her cute hair, there was something reassuringly attainable about her easy style that I really liked, and it inspired me to take more pictures. New York is an infinitely inspiring place and somewhere I really miss, but the point is there is beauty everywhere if you just look hard enough. I need to look harder.

What do you think?

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