Sunday, 17 November 2013

Inspirational Women: Jewellery Designer Lauren Padd

Hope you're having a great weekend? As promised here's a bonus post for the weekend as part of my BYW e-course.

A few weeks ago I visited a local craft and vintage market [St Mary's Vintage Market] with the family looking for christmas gifts and birthday ideas. I really enjoy visiting these kind of fairs where you can discover local, creative artists and crafters making things by hand and with love. There is so much enthusiasm and talent it feels infectious. 

My focus, to be honest, was trying to make sure Noah didn't break any vintage kitchen gadgets he was fascinated by - in particular a hand whisk that he asked to put on his list for Father Christmas! I was struck by a particular stall by Lauren Padd that had very simple, elegant pieces of jewellery inspired by New England. In a church hall in Sheffield, that's a little unusual. With one hand in Noah's I looked at some of the pieces; beautiful fragments of shells, shark teeth, gem stones, and coastal inspired charms in silver and gold with reasonable price tags seemed a perfect gift idea. Sometimes the hardest thing to find is the simplest - have you ever found this? But with no time to chat I hurriedly picked up a card and made a mental note to drop Lauren a line to chat more.

A week later I was sitting in her light-filled kitchen at the top of one of the seven hills of Sheffield talking about how she came to be living in an industrial city in the North of England. Her story sounded familiar; she fell in love and followed her heart. Those are usually the best stories. Lauren had been working as a nanny on Long Island close to New York and was visiting a friend in the city when she met her now husband who was also visiting a friend in New York, the rest, as they say, is history. 

She told me how the jewellery designing had started as a hobby for friends from collections she'd discovered on long walks on the beach with the children she was taking care of, like her collection of shark's teeth. She began winding them in silver wire and mounting them on chains to sell on her Etsy shop. 

Soon the collection grew and she began to take commissions. One in particular was a collection of gifts for bridesmaids at a wedding, each with their own message inside the box - what a brilliant idea! Her move to the UK has meant Lauren can focus more on the business and growing the brand via local shops and markets.

Lauren has taken an enormous leap of faith moving to Sheffield and starting her own business in a new city. Her pieces are honest, thoughtful and sincere, just like the city she has made her home. I think they'll get along very well together.

To discover more about Lauren's designs visit her Etsy page here:
and her Facebook page here:
You can also follow her on Twitter at:

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  1. Thanks for bringing our attention to Laurens inspired jewellery Amy, the vintage market sounds like it was great fun - do you have any photos? Hope you're having a great weekend :)


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