Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Simple Inspiration: Grey

Midweek and I'm thinking of restoring a little balance on the blog today. My journey to teach yoga has unsurprisingly thrown up lots of thoughts and ideas about life on a much larger scale, and one of the main things I've been exploring is balance. I've written about it over the last few weeks but it's something we should remind ourselves of everyday. So those hectic busy periods in life need to be balanced with quieter more contemplative times - how often do we actually manage that? Just as I love writing about style and aesthetics and to be constantly inspired by beautiful images sometimes it's good to spend a little time on ideas and words, something I keep introducing into the blog too.

So in the spirit of balance after Monday's bright, chaotic, eclectic colours a much calmer colour scheme today. Our living room is grey and I love this relaxing space from Norwegian Interiors Magasinet.

Image via: Interior Magasinet
There is something inherently soothing about grey, I'm even tempted to go darker in our living room as it is a light filled, south facing room so could probably take the hit of dark colour. And in my clothes too grey feels like a really chic neutral, and looks great with black and gold.

Image via: Emerson Fry

Image via: Runway Reject

Image via: Le Fashion

Image via: Pinterest

1. Dress, LK Bennett
2. Necklace, Day Birger at Mikkelson
3. Skirt, Reiss
4. Coat, Top Shop
5. Cashmere jumper, Jigsaw
So there you have it a little yin to Monday's yang. Which do you prefer, the cool, calm grey or bright, passionate colour? In the spirit of balance I think there's room for a bit of both in life. What do you think?


  1. loving this grey. And I agree there needs to be a balance of both. Although it is nice to post about beautiful things it is also nice to post about real life moments and connect on a much deeper level in the blogging world.

  2. Beautiful, simple, elegant. I always find light grey such a surprisingly flattering colour with any skin tone. Gorgeous living...! xx

  3. I love grey too because it's so versatile and will work with lots of other colours and palettes. : ) x


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