Friday, 8 November 2013

Simple Living: Weekend Travel

Back again! Thought I'd share some more of our holiday experience from last week. 

I've travelled a lot over the years with work. Often I was on my own; head down, schedule in hand, all in control. So travelling with a child has been a whole new experience. Some of you may have a wry knowing smile going on now. You can throw that schedule right out of the window. Children throw a whole different dimension into the mix. Primarily trying to ensure they don't a) get lost b) get killed or c) starve, takes iron will and a feat of super human power. In the process trying not to a) get lost yourself b) not kill someone else (specifically an irritating businessman tutting behind you in a security line) or c) maintain healthy levels of sleep/food/water requires all my powers of zen-like focus.

Anything that can help in the process is a bonus. We travelled light. Mainly because I was too tight to pay for check-in baggage, so my editing skills were essential in packing for 4 days in a small cabin bag for both of us. I have a brilliant bright orange Kipling cabin bag, which is easy to identify both for Noah and I, and light weight to carry, so important when you have a wee one with Transformers / books / cuddly toys etc that you also need to juggle. 

Here are a few favourites if you're planning a trip.

1. Blue bag, Antler
2. Pink bag, Debenhams
3. Camo bag, Tumi
4. Green bag, Kipling

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