Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Simply Inspiring: Finding Happy

Morning All, hope you’re having a great week? I’m drawing to the end of my yoga training course, also mid way through my blogging course, and half way through a busy two weeks of work so lots to juggle at the moment!

I thought it was time for another little break from the style-talk, inspired by a podcast I listened to just the other day. While I run and on my now daily commute I listen to lots of different podcasts. Some of my favourites are the Desert Island disks from Radio 2, Jillian Michaels on health and well being, and Kripalu Perspectives. The Kripalu podcasts are about various aspects of yoga from teaching to philosophy, nutrition and well being.

Last week I listened to an interview with Stephen Cope speaking on the Kripalu Perspectives. I’ve also been reading his excellent book, Yoga and the Quest for the True Self, so it was fascinating to hear him speak about how yoga can help in a wider context of life, with regards to fulfilment and happiness. It had real resonance to my life and journey at the moment. He spoke fluently about how in yogic philosophy we each have a purpose or vocation in life that we are effectively ‘meant to do’ – sounds a bit spiritual I know, but it seems to make a lot of sense to me. I think this means finding our happy spot - that thing that makes us feel fulfilled, content, happy on a really deep level. He explained that through yoga and meditation it's possible to find the space within ourselves to explore and discover what that purpose and meaning might be, without the busy-ness of everyday life overwhelming us, as it often does. In yoga we call it Dharma.  

How strange that just yesterday I had a conversation with a friend about just this subject. She's a creative person and in her previous job was able to express her creativity, and was respected and promoted to a role that really played to those strengths. She loved the responsibility and the fulfilment that came with feeling challenged and creative. Her new job doesn't offer her the same level of artistic expression and so she's begun to feel increasingly frustrated and dissatisfied. 

Do you feel like you have a vocation that fulfills you and makes you happy? Are you discovering what that might be? It’s such a nice theory because it offers the idea that we all function together when we’re fulfilling our own individual roles. I often think about this with respect to doctors, nurses, charity and care workers. How amazing that there are people in the world prepared to do jobs that a lot of us would shy away from because of the emotional strength it requires. Also artists, designers, writers and architects that make the world around us a more interesting and beautiful place.

I feel a bit like I’m still finding my Dharma. I glimpse moments of it. When I'm really present enjoying a day with Noah and his dad, or perhaps when I'm working in a team creating something together. That buzz. That is the feeling of happiness and fulfilment. Being truly present and appreciating each of those moments is an insight into Dharma, and through yoga I've learnt to be more present during those times.

On my blogging course there are lots of examples of people who have found their Dharma doing brilliant, exciting, individual projects. Like Holly my teacher, Bri of DesignLoveFest, Paul of Sweet Paul Magazine, too many to count, but I find their individual stories inspiring and keep me going in my search.

I'd love to know what you think about happiness every day. Is it possible? Have a great day whatever you're up to. 

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