Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Style Advice: ASOS Party Dress

Happy Wednesday everyone. Hope you're having a great week. Time for a little style advice this week for a yoga friend looking for some style inspiration for this great dress from ASOS.

I have to confess to loving this time of year. Getting dressed up, I mean properly dressed up, you know when you shave/wax all your bits, take time to blow dry and do your hair, apply concealer and foundation - the full shebang. It's a great time to really let your hair down.

My friend Debbie has splashed out on this gorgeous dress and wanted to some ideas of shoes to go with it. As it's quite a sexy style - pencil skirt, lace, figure hugging, I'd probably opt for a closed shoe, nothing to open or strappy, plus this time of year I'm not a fan of the blue toe look with open shoes in freezing temperatures. A silver or pewter colour might work quite well, but I'd be tempted to either match or clash. Again this will depend on your personality and style, but a navy shoe would look grown up, sophisticated, but lets face it a bit safe. A flash of a bright clashing colour like this fuscia style would be more daring - a bold statement, you could follow it through with a pink earring or bag.

What do you think? How would you wear the dress? Do you agree with a bright shoe? I'd love your thoughts on what you'd wear it with.

1. Pink shoe, River Island
2. Navy leather shoe, Dune
3. Navy suede shoe, Next

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