Thursday, 14 November 2013

What I'm wearing today...

Morning - hope you're looking forward to the weekend like me! 

After a lovely warm response to last week's post, here's another outfit from this week, and in the spirit of blog-honesty this is actually what I wore yesterday - Thursday - as I'm in the studio today and leave the house around 7am so struggle to even brush my teeth never mind post on the blog : D x 

The verdict from my blogging friends and classmates is the blog should reflect more of my style and less celebs - note taken - this is going to take a big leap for me as it's very easy to hide behind that veil right? The reality of my day to day is that I don't spend a huge amount on clothes. After Noah was born our priorities changed. I stopped work for 5 years which effectively halved our household income and the money we did have was spent on essentials like food, heating etc. I was fortunate that my job had allowed me to collect some lovely clothes over the years so there was no urgency to new pieces. The guilty splurges I did have on myself were invariably second hand, sale, ebay or occasionally something beautiful from a vintage market. Often the cut isn't quite so nice - like this jacket - it's a bit too boxy on the shoulders, not like those well tailored Isabel Marant jackets! The striped top I've had for 10 years and was a thoughtful gift from the PR for Petit Bateau. But don't you think that sometimes when you have to work that bit harder for something you appreciate it all the more?

Also in the spirit of my blogging course and journey I'd love to know what you think about the blog. Is there something you'd like to see more of? Do you like to know how much I spent on my clothes or would you prefer to see something more indulgent? Please let me know it is all so useful. 

Have a brilliant weekend - and don't forget there might be a bonus post this weekend so check in! 


  1. Love the outfit and I was admiring that beautiful jacket yesterday! Can't believe you grabbed that for only £4. What a great bargain find!!! xo

  2. Lovely!!! I really enjoyed this post, thank you! And it's nice to see clothes that were purchased inexpensively - I do like seeing how much things cost, it's fun to see the fabulous outfits people put together without spending a lot! :)

  3. Great post, Amy! And I love your outfit too! :) I think this is a great, practical and honest approach to how we all have to dress. It's great to see how someone with a stylist background approaching how to create a great looking outfit from stuff they've had forever, bought from ebay, a sale, etc. It's how most of us live and is so relate-able and exciting to see online!!!

  4. Great outfit, love the scarf and all those clothes for £30!! Love the idea of using your own clothes and showing us how to wear/restyle/repurpose them, hope my BYW comments helped - from your readers comments today I think you've found your mojo :) Have a great weekend x

  5. Thanks guys for the lovely comments and feedback - yes Lisa the great comments were a real boost - thank you! Will keep going - hope you're all having a great weekend xx


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