Friday, 8 November 2013

What I'm wearing today...More Grey!

Friday already and what another busy week! I'm back in the studio today so a couple of shorter posts until Monday. We have a family weekend planned - long walks, warming dinners, lazy mornings. What are your plans?

I'm not sure if this will become a regular feature so would love to get your thoughts. This is what I'm wearing today, as if to prove that I practice what I preach I'm in head to toe grey! Who knows where that mood came from, but when I came to get dressed this morning this was how I felt.

The jumper is Jigsaw, the jeans are Gap, and the scarf is Gap. And yes, I meant to cut my head off! This is about clothes, so I don't want you distracted by the pimple on my chin, or the bad hair day I'm having. I have good friends who are make up artists and can work miracles. I am not one of them. So don't be surprised if the focus is purely on the clothes and not me : D x


  1. Love it Amy! The two necklaces are gorgeous also. Where did you get them? xx

  2. I love grey! French Grey, Blue Grey, chalk grey - you name the grey and I'm sure I'll love it! I would love to see more of your clothes style - and of your bright contrasting cushions ;)

  3. Thanks guys for the lovely comments - made my day : ) x Will take the feedback on board, yes, I'm definitely loving the grey too at the moment. Mel, the necklaces are just little cheap ones I got years ago a little faux diamond and a faux Tiffany heart : D x Cheap and cheerful like me xx


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