Friday, 29 November 2013

What I'm wearing...

Friday after noon, almost the weekend. What are your plans? I'm looking forward to a quiet weekend after a busy few weeks with work. I'm so fortunate to work with a lovely team, but long days away from home can be really hard for all of us.

I thought I'd give you a peak of what I wear to work. We're thankfully a relaxed bunch and quite often I'm in jeans to the studio because I'm sometimes crawling on the floor dressing mannequins and pinning trousers, so no use wearing my best gear. This is a great blouse I love from Jaeger London. It works well with a vintage bag I picked up in Cape Town when I was working years ago.

I used to think blouses were for old ladies that smelled of lavender and offered you a biscuit, but I've come round to loving the pretty shape, modern prints and flattering fit. To avoid slipping into 'Nan' territory, I think they look modern worn with a pair of skinny jeans or slim trousers, so there is that contrast and edge to them, anything too prim or classic will risk making them look too old.

Bags are a bit of an unhealthy habit for me. OK probably not as unhealthy as smoking, but I have to confess to buying too many. I've got quite a collection, both vintage and new. Each time I get a new one my other half predictably asks if I really need ANOTHER one, and my inevitable reply is - yes. I can never have too many of different colours, sizes, shapes and styles to go with outfits and occasions, this is perhaps a uniquely female perspective.

Keep an eye out for some great deals at the moment. A lot of shops are cutting their prices trying to get us to spend money before Christmas. 

Here are a few of my favourite blouses in store at the moment. Which is your favourite and how would you wear it? I hope you have a great weekend whatever you're up to.

1. Pink blouse, Hobbs
2. Black panel blouse, Mary at House of Fraser
3. Yellow blouse, Boden
4. Black and white print blouse, Reiss
5. Abstract print blouse, Whistles


  1. Lovely outfit, you're so stylish Amy. xx

  2. hahaha - thanks Mel and so are you going by your pictures in Home and Garden!!


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