Monday, 16 December 2013

Simple Inspiration: Sparkle Everyday

Morning, hope you had a great weekend? Christmas is almost upon us, are you looking forward to it? Or are you feeding the 5000 this holiday and looking for a respite post-Christmas day? I thought today I'd add to the festive spirit with a little shimmer and sparkle! 

If there's a time of year that is perfect for sequins then this is it. I have to be honest I'm partial to a little sparkle anytime of the day not, just in the evening, so thought I'd share a little inspiration on how to add a twinkle everyday. 

I love my new scarf from Next [above], a little understated but blinging where it counts, I thought this was a pretty sophisticated way of shining without going overboard in the day time. Alternatively you can mix sequined clothes with understated basics like in the pictures below. A sequined bag, a skirt with a relaxed, oversized sweater,  or even a t-shirt [spot how her nails are natural but immaculate]. This is about playing those sparkles down but not being afraid to shine.

Could you wear sequins during the day? I'd love to hear from you and hope you have a good week whatever you're up to. x

Image via: Matchbook Tumblr

1. Sequined cardigan, Jigsaw
2. Disco clutch, Accessorize
3. Sequined shoulder sweater, Warehouse
4. Sequined scarf, Wallis
5. Sparkle trousers, Next
6. Sequined skirt, RiverIsland


  1. Some gorgeous glittery NY Eve numbers Amy. Love the pants! M xx

  2. If a girl can't bling it up through the holiday season when can we! I always aim to have a subtle sparkle & shimmer about me somewhere ;)


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