Monday, 2 December 2013

Simple Living: Sports Bras

Afternoon everyone. Hope you had a great weekend? I'm a little late posting today as I've not had my usual Monday if I'm honest. I spent the morning in the breast clinic waiting for a check up. Lots of things were going through my mind, the least of which is what I was wearing! Sometimes clothes really aren't important right? Moments like this put everything into perspective and you realise what is important; our health being probably at the top of the list. It can be life affirming to remind ourselves of this occasionally don't you think? 

The good news for me was that I was given the all clear. But this morning has been a reminder for me of other important factors when buying clothes. The reason I ended up at the clinic was an area of dense tissue combined with an ill-fitting fitness bra not giving me the right support. Now let me stress I have possibly the worlds smallest boobs so I never considered them worthy of pricy investments. Often I'd opt for a cheaper bra or even worse, well-worn, slightly greying ones, but I was ending up with soreness which was causing concern not just for me, but for my doctor. 

So the lesson from spending several hours in the breast clinic is to spend a bit more money and get correctly fitted for something as important as a bra, whether it's for every day or for high impact times like running [no matter how small your boobs!]. There is some great information on the Breast Cancer Care website:

1. Marks and Spencer - SHOP NOW
2. Next - SHOP NOW
3. Panache at John Lewis - SHOP NOW


  1. So glad that the results turned out good Amy. Thanks for the reminder, we all put it off but we must be vigilant. xx Mel

  2. Thanks Mel, a relief absolutely. I have a friend who was recently given the all clear after her own battle with breast cancer so it is something I'm profoundly aware of and shocked at how many women our age are affected. xx


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